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i dont know if this is a mens size shirt or a womens size shirt from the mcr store?

i think the first is womens and the second is mens but it doesnt say and i dont want to get the wrong size.

thank you! guarantee 10 points if question is answered!


The first shirt is womens, I have it. 100% sure

The second, not sure... I THINK it's mens...

Good Luck!

Mens Airspeed Legend Size 8 Skate Sneaker Shoes Black NEW Skater


Mens Size

Sakazen in Ikebukuro big size mens store Japan

Penis size, does it matter? Find out the real truth

MANY GUYS ASK ME does the penis size matter. I guess the fact that I am an ex porn star gives to what I say about sex credibility and importance. And as much as I would like more to be asked about some special techniques or sex positions, I got asked: „Is size really important", the most. And because this is such an IMPORTANT ISSUE to so many of you, I decided to make this website and try to give you an answer to this dilemma.

So, does the size matter?

In my humble opinion - YES. It does. Most of you guys have an average sized penis. And that is ok. But some of you have it too small. Now, let's be honest. If you know what you are doing in bed, you can get away with smaller penis. In the end, it's all about getting and providing sexual SATISFACTION. But, there are two situations when having a smaller penis can cause you (and your lady friends) some serious trouble.

The first one is when your sexual self-esteem and confidence affect your sexual performance. It is well known that if you don't believe in yourself, you probably won't have good results. And you don't have confidence because of your small equipment. This psychological problem may be extremely hard to overcome to most guys. Resolving it would require some HARD WORK on self. The best way would certainly be to receive praise from your sexual partner about your performance. But, how to get praised if your self-esteem affects your performance in a bad way? So, you must either learn to be much better lover, or you must get more satisfied with your penis size.

The other situation is when you have a really small penis. It is not fun, or pleasurable to a woman to not feel a man's penis when it's inside her. Or to feel it just a little. Although there are not many guys who have this problem, SOME OF YOU may have. And it's a shame really, because that „small" problem may cause that guys much bigger problems in life.

Off course, there are some guys with very large penises, too. And they often have problem satisfying a woman. Sometimes it's because they are too big, and they cause pain to a girl during penetration, but most of the times it is another thing. It is that large penis gives them false confidence that all they are supposed to do when having sex is to have an erection.

Does the penis size matter? IT DOES. Although most men don't have nothing to worry about, and should concentrate on learning to be better lovers, for some men size of their equipment can cause them serious sexual setbacks.


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All the best,

Daisy D.

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