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Saving Money On Golf Equipment

One of the big expenses when it comes to playing any sport is in terms of actually buying the equipment to play. And when playing competitively, then these can get significantly more expensive as the better the golf equipment, the higher that the prices will go.  Most people would take advantage of anything that they can do to help reduce the costs of their golf equipment as long as it didn't require too much effort. But by being wise and finding out a little more about how to save money, then getting hold of new golf equipment doesn't have to be as expensive as it often is.

Probably the first piece of advice that everyone will give when it comes to buying golf equipment is to actually take some time looking around at the various retailers of such items, and see which ones offer the best price, and especially looking at online retailers to look at the kind of prices that are available.  Looking around may not be a very sly or advanced type of thing to do, but it can certainly lead to savings when people consider the kind of differences that can be seen in the prices of items going from retailer to retailer.  A particularly good time to browse is during the sales, as prices can come down significantly before the next season's golf equipment comes into stock at the stores.

Another good thing to consider for those who want to reduce their expenditure on golf equipment is to look at the different ways of getting cash back or loyalty schemes to try and save money.  When it comes to shopping online, many stores will be registered with the cash back sites. And when the level of cash back available is factored into the equation, along with being sure to choose the lowest price, then it can lead to a very good saving.  In other sites or retailers, signing up to a loyalty card or store card can offer savings, and as long as there is no annual charge and it is paid off immediately, that can also be a good way to save money on golf equipment.

However, for many people there may still be a significant expense to renewing their golf equipment, and if this is the case, then looking at realizing the resale value for existing equipment can help to offset the cost of the new kit.  By looking at sites like ebay, or selling through a local newspaper or magazine, then the money brought in can make the money spent on new golf equipment a little less painful.

With the prices that are charged by the modern golf equipment retailers, it is still possible to make significant savings on these costs. By using all of the methods available, then it is possible to get some good golf equipment meeting all the needs of the buyer at some very good prices, simply by being wise about how and where to make the purchase.

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Ebay Golf Equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions...

☻☻☻Will These 18's fit my Toyota Celica??☻☻☻?

ok, so i have a 2000 toyota celica and the whole car is OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer)...springs, wheels, tires, interior, exterior, everything..and im wondering, do i need springs or shocks to get 18 size rims on it, or can i just buy the rims and just put them in without anything else??

i want these...




Cool looking rims, but I would be very careful before buying them on the eBay auction. Some aftermarket rim manufacturers create bolt patterns on their wheels to fit many manufacturers, but that can sometimes lead to minor variations in something that you would want to be sure fit perfectly.

An incorrect fit of your rim/tire package on your car can translate into a vibrating of the steering wheel, especially around 60MPH. It can get a lot worse than vibrations and sometimes lead to more of a shaking feeling at speed or during hard braking/cornering.

But, to more accurately answer your question, you probably would not need to change your shocks or springs, but you could have an issue with the width of the wheel when combined with the correct tire. Sometimes the wider width combined with the larger diameter can cause problems with the tire rubbing when you go over bumps or take sharp turns. That can lead to tire damage and ultimately a blow out.

You should check what your options are with a reputable custom wheel and tire dealer, such as the TireRack.com. I have used them several times in the past. They are not the cheapest, but they typically provide good information on how the wheels/tires would perform on your particular car.

Good Luck!


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